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Rapid7 Websites are built with one key thought in mind — how can we deliver the best possible website imaginable in only 7 days?

It’s a question that’s driven us to optimise our processes to a point where it is possible to get a highly custom designed website with a rapid turnaround. 20+ years experience building websites doesn’t hurt either..

Unbelievably Fast delivery

Our Rapid7 Process*

Day 0:
Approval & Brief

Before the clock starts it's important we get on the same page - where is your business going, what are you trying to achieve, how can we best help? Once scope and budget is agreed we sign off and get to work.

Day 1:
Setup & Config

Once the project is approved we get to work setting your website up for success. Technology platforms, configuration options, hosting considerations - everything you need to lay the right platform for project success.

Day 2:
Design & Styling

This is where the fun begins - on Day 2 we explore the right design options & styling to match your business & brand requirements with the latest in conversion optimisation - ensuring a website that delivers results while absolutely looking the piece.

Day 3:

On Day 3 we design your homepage - combining the recommended design & styling with your business content and functionality - all the while considering how best to get your customers to act so we can drive tangible business results.

Day 4:
Feedback & Content

On Day 4 we present you with the first draft of the website - capturing critical feedback so we can quickly iterate the design, styling, layout and content. If the revised homepage can be signed off day's end we're on track for our 7 day delivery.

Day 5:
Revisions & Prototype

After receiving your final content on Day 4, Day 5 is about laying out your remaining content and implementing any further feedback from Day 4. The goal here is to present you with a first draft of the remainder of the website for feedback and revisions on Day 6.

Day 6:
Feedback & Revisions

Day 6 kicks off with some rigorous feedback on the prototype. Assuming we got homepage approval on Day 4, this should be largely about content and functionality tweaking only. Ideally we'll start testing on Day 6 if feedback goes well.

Day 7:
Testing &
"Go Live"

Day 7 is where the "rubber hits the road". We do final user testing so you can ensure you're getting exactly what you hoped and paid for. With final approval and payment we'll push your website live on to your chosen hosting environment... ready to start the performance optimisation process!


  • 7-day turnaround based on Rapid7 Website Package;
  • Start day subject to availability;
  • Timeframe does not include delays in provide content, feedback or approvals;
  • Timeframe is based on our $7K+GST website scope – larger projects may well take longer to deliver;
  • Timeframe assumes that Blitz recommended hosting options are adopted; and
  • Timeframe assumes that the first homepage design & styling is accepted.

Extend your website rapidly

Website Extensions

We have a broad range of website capabilities that we can “plug and play” for your website.
All part of our rapid value delivery ethos.


It's never been easier to sell both physical & digital products on your website using E-Commerce. As we specialise in WordPress development it's no surprise we also specialise in using WooCommerce to help people get setup rapidly for E-Commerce. This is a common addition to the Rapid7 Website Package.

Online Community

You can easily engage both your existing and prospective customers by building an online community around their interests - particularly where your products and services have strong overlap. An online community will increase engagement - and integrated with LMS and/or E-Commerce it can also be monetised to help increase your recurring monthly revenue.

Learning Management System

You can easily start selling online courses and training with your very own Learning Management System (LMS). Have multiple courses, organise them by topics, integrate advanced quizzes, setup certification, gamify the engagement - even build communities around each course!

Event Management

You can easily manage events using an Event Management System. Set up locations, organisers and event categories. Integrate with Eventbrite for ticketing and payments. Create recurring events - even integrate with other websites events!

Form Management

Creating and managing forms has never been easier using our Form Management System. Setup Multi-Step forms with conditional logic. Setup a range of notifications to fire off on completion. You can even integrate forms into your favourite CRM and Marketing Automation platforms to make your business even more automated.

Membership Platform

Membership Platforms allow you to provide secure access to members for content, downloads, products, functionality etc. Combine your Membership Platform with E-Commerce and you now have a subscription-based business model. You can also integrate with Learning Management, Online Community & Events.


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